Art, Design and a Sleep Doctor

Recently we morphed from Origin of Image to ooi – creative communication, to better inform our clients that we are more than a graphic design studio.

Only days after this transformation, we were fortunate to meet Andrew Cain, the owner of Sleep Doctor Hawthorn. Andrew’s showroom is a stunning example of high-end quality beds and mattresses for young and old. His passion about his products is evident the minute you meet him. Who else can claim ‘A great night’s sleep, that’s our guarantee‘.

Without hesitation he welcomed us into his showroom asking for some advice with creative direction.

Initial offering: Using the existing brand, we developed basic acrylic frames housing some of the key messages that Andrew wanted his clients to take in. The showroom being quite large and long required a visual invitation towards the back in order for customers to take the tour of all the products on offer. Using these key messages running the length of the showroom gave two results. Firstly it enticed the shopper to make his/her way all the way around and secondly, by reading these messages, prompts them to ask the staff some simple questions when they are approached making the sales process a lot friendlier.

Second offering: Some messages are more difficult to get across than others For example a couple comes in to the show room and one party may be 90kg and the other a featherweight 40kg. The awkward conversation the staff had to engage in was solved by a visual solution we offered. (see image). Using digitally cut polystyrene that was sprayed black and had some hooks inserted into it we were able to show the customer that regardless of the two people sharing the bed, the Sleep Doctor can custom make a bed to suit both parties without depth variance in the mattress.

Through this process it was Andrew’s trust in ooi that allowed us to provide him with these solutions for his showroom. Andrew was happy for more communication between us and visited our studio where he saw a nude study that Soula was working on. Theo says, ‘When you walk into a car showroom, you don’t purchase a car, you purchase an experience, a style, you make a lifestyle choice. So, walking into the Sleep Doctor we don’t want customers to purchase a mattress, we want them to buy a bedroom, a personal, warm inviting space’. Andrew already offers quality bedroom furniture in a vast array of materials and finishes and thought an original piece of art on the wall would make this all the more personal.

Third offering: Andrew offered the selling space for Soula’s two plus meter wide reclining nude in oil and charcoal that now hangs over the store’s centrepiece bed.

Andrew is not just a client, he is our partner. He offered to hang the nude and promote it and ooi to all his clientel. There is no doubt that upon our return from Tasmania we will be going to get fitted for our own mattress.

Visit: Sleep Doctor Hawthorn
Contact: 624 Burwood Rd Hawthorn East Vic 3121. Ph: 03 9041 47 65

Images: The Australian launch of Magniflex – Luxurious Italian Mattresses at Sleep Doctor
Art, Design and a Sleep Doctoradmin