ooi studio in Tassie

Coming to you live from across the puddle: #ooitasmania

As you can see we’re settling in just fine.

Shall we get the business out of the way first? Well, the studio is officially up and running. There!

ooi Tassie News OctWorking amongst Tassie’s vast and beautiful scenery and flexing our hours, even more, is providing the sublime state we were searching for. Even Zephyr has cranked up his Zen!

We’ve had a very warm welcome from the locals and as expected, we’ve downed some incredible local produce and taken in some breathtaking scenery.

Are we thinking we made a good move? Absolutely! Creative communication needs some clean thinking space, a lot of nature and certainly much less chronic pain, and this is the formula we’re currently working to.

A reminder we’ve merged our social media profiles so make sure you’re following these three for more updates:
twitter: @__ooi__
instagram: ooiCreativeCommunication
facebook: ooiCreativeCommunication and artbysoula

Signing off now from #ooitasmania… til next time!

Coming to you live from across the puddle: #ooitasmaniaadmin

6 comments on "Coming to you live from across the puddle: #ooitasmania"

  1. OOI………OOOOHHHHH…too glorious. You two look wonderful! I want to hear lots more (when you have time). Here’s to cranking up our zen! Ciao, Robyn

  2. Anne O'Halloran on

    Hi Soula and Theo,

    Good on you!! Sounds like you have chosen well and are both in a good place (in every sense).
    I hope the move to Tassie works out well for you. What a beautiful place to work, create and live. Keep me in the loop. (See you in the soup)!?

    Kind Regards,
    Anne O’Halloran

    • Thank you Anne. Collingwood was just getting a bit too much lately. Or perhaps it was our bodies and minds calling for some quiet and rejuvenation. In any case, it’s great and so far so good. Certainly will keep you in the loop. You too about Collingwood. (See me in the soup??) x

  3. Looks and sounds like you are really doing it hard. No traffic, no noise, no pollution, no hustle and bustle of construction. You guys might find it difficult to prise yourselves away from all that tranquility. Enjoy to the max I’m jealous already.

    Rob,Elvira and Dominique.

    • You got it Rob. Right now I feel like there’s not much need to come back but I’m sure we’ll miss our Collingwood. Love to your gorgeous girls. x

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