Editions 2015 Tacit Contemporary Art (Soula & Lloyd Godman)

Editions 2015 opening at Tacit Contemporary Art

Thrilled to be hanging with this incredible lot at such a brilliant gallery…

Galleries 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5
11 February – 1 March 2015

Feedback from gallery director Keith Lawrence

We estimated there was something like 500+ people who came through the gallery last night, judging by the fact we were desperately printing catalogues at 6.45 (i.e. 15 minutes after the official start time) having run out of the 150 we’d previously prepared. And by 7.15 all 360 glasses we have were either in use or being speedily washed for re-use. And as for the litres and litres of red and white wine consumed…. But all pointed to a great and successful evening – and for us that’s what counts.

In spite of the crazy numbers in attendance (ensuring it was difficult to see work) we sold work by Louise Donovan, Damon Kowarsky & Kyoko Imazu, Peter Garnick, Rachael Ness, Pete Gurrie, James Pasakos, Sheridan Jones, Kir Larwill, T J Bateson, Kevin Foley & Deborah Klein (a total of 14) with the expectation of more to come. It’s great to know that there’s already $8,000 of sales and that we will paying out to artists following the end of the exhibition.

Elizabeth Banfield, T J Bateson, Jazmina Cininas, Tom Civil, Louise Donovan, Kevin Foley, Peter Garnick, Zoe Geyer, Silvi Glattauer, Janet Goldman, Pete Gurrie, Carolyn Hawkins, Jodi Heffernan, Ying Huang, Kate Hudson, Kyoko Imazu, Sheridan Jones, Hyun Ju Kim, Deborah Klein, Damon Kowarsky, Kir Larwill, Anita Laurence, Marion Manifold, Soula Mantalvanos, Scarlett Mellows, Rachael Ness, Sharron Okines, James Pasakos, Cat Poljski, Stephanie Jane Rampton, Trudy Rice, Lisa Sewards, Georgina Whish-Wilson & Joel Wolter

(Size of image: 10 x 12.3 cm. Paper: 21 x 3 cm)

Flowers Vasette (Brunswick St). Edition of 30 $250 (unframed)
Self Preservation (Bourke St). Edition of 30 $250 (unframed)
The Paperback Bookshop (Bourke St). Edition of 30 $250 (unframed)
Mario’s. Edition of 30 $250 (unframed)
La Niche (Smith St). Edition of 30 $250 (unframed)

312 Johnston Street Abbotsford VIC 3067 Feb 11 – Mar 1 2015
Phone: 0423 323 188 E: keith@tacitart.com.au

Editions 2015 opening at Tacit Contemporary Artadmin

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