The Baldessin Press

Client: The Baldessin Press

Brief: The Baldessin Press is Soula’s favorite art retreat. It’s Tess and artist/sculptor George Baldessin’s printmaking studio and home. Sometime after George’s tragic death in 1978, Tess reclaimed the very run-down studio and reconstituted it as The Baldessin Press. It operates in George’s memory from the great efforts of a small co-op so that artists may continue to create in this special place, thus perpetuating the generous spirit of George.

Outcome: Each year, OoI donate their creativity to causes and people they treasure. OoI previously designed the brochures for The Baldessin Press and this year were ecstatic to be able to extend their support by redesigning their website. ‘For us it’s like contributing to what we believe is a piece of Australian Art history… and heaven on earth!’

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