Helen, Madame Sousou’s

July 4th, 2009

The beginning. Life drawing session with Helen.

Helen hadn’t sat for an artist before so rather than facing the daunting idea of posing in the restaurant first up, we organised a session in my studio.

I can’t reveal the plan for this body of work just yet (I can hear the few of you who do know smugly chuckling) but I can say it stemmed from a man with a wonderful passion for art. Currently the project is on hold, I’ll let you all know more details when we’re back on track with it.

Of course some Fitzroy diners may well have figured out the details after sighting one of the portraits hanging in its home.

I was lucky enough to receive a commission to paint Helen and combine two great passions. French character and life drawing.

In my previous work I highlighted the characteristics particular to Parisian restaurant facades, the nudes of Helen however capture my interest in exploring the inner ambience and essence that she worked in.

The sumptuous oil colours I chose reflect the similarly rich wine, food and French indulgence of the particular aristocratic restaurant Helen worked in, Madame Sousou’s.

Thank you Theo Tsapepas.

Helen in ink

It would have been blissful to have had the restaurant set up so I could draw all night. Unfortunately that’s a little difficult so I had to take lots of photos and work from them later.

Helen, Madame Sousou'sadmin