Neami National

Client: Neami National

Brief: It’s not often that a creative studio has the fortunate advantage that OoI did when it was commissioned to design Neami National’s logo.

Our relationship with Neami began in 2001. When we met, Neami employed 50 staff and today, there are over 430 staff in almost all states of Australia in over 35 sites.

Initially appointed to design and produce the 2001 Annual Report, the humble yet ever so determined Neami came across as a no-nonsense, out-to-make-a-change, professional organisation.

Having grown from a locally based organisation to a state-wide and, in due course national one, OoI and Neami started discussing the need for Neami to re-brand and promote themselves as the leaders of mental health assistance over two years ago. It has always left us in awe how this team of dedicated management have had the ability to harness this exponential growth. I guess that’s the other thing they do so well.

Outcome: It’s a huge process! Even for a small company, and this wasn’t just the redevelopment of a logo but rather the building of an identity for Australians with mental illness, for their families, and for their practitioners, carers and stakeholders. Neami National is the largest mental health care provider in Australia and, they deal with the most complex consumers but if you ask most people who they are, the answer, all too often, is ‘who?’. We had a major awareness issue to address as well as developing a national identity. This organisation needs to obtain trust, they have to show they are best. This is an organisation that has grown out of its humble home and is moving with the times to provide the best possible care for its consumers.

It has been imperative for the process to consider Neami National’s audience: the consumer, the practitioners and carers, and the government organisations that support it. Neami National practices what they preach, having involved the consumer by asking for their feedback throughout the process. It was a pleasure to present concepts and to meet and work with every one of them.
The value of a long-term relationship

The growing respect and mutual understanding between us and Neami from our 12 year business relationship is not only beneficial when the newly appointed staff have a question and we know how to answer them – that’s great and certainly a huge advantage for both of us – but the best part is the smooth flow of work, the rhythm, the efficiency and accuracy. It certainly makes a huge difference that can’t be achieved when you’ve only known a client and they’ve known you for a short period of time. Yes, creatives are instinctive creatures but you won’t pick up 12 years of mutual understanding from a path both of us have been walking on year after year, brief after brief…

After reading this many will see that our relationship with Neami is not today’s norm. How often do you hear of such long-term work collaboration and how often do you hear a CEO (Arthur Papakotsias) making time for the designer? In our case Theo and Arthur meet throughout the year for a lunch or three, and talk… and talk and share the latest information and news. Business has never been just business for OoI. It is definitely personal. And we’re happy that Neami National operate the same way.

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