Winter Light, Brunswick Street Gallery solo exhibition

Sacha Finkelstein, is a Jewish patisserie on Rue des Rosiers in the heart of Le Marais, Paris. We (Theo and I) discovered it on our first trip to Paris 5 years ago. At the time I had only exhibited my work in Gallery Sorrento and a few other cafes/restaraunts.

Of course I took loads of photos in Paris and was most inspired so started to paint and draw these incredible facades the minute we got back.

I uploaded a few of my images to artwhatson so I could plug myself and quite clearly succeeded. Not much time passed and Mark Jamieson from Brunswick Street Gallery appeared in my inbox asking me if I was interested in having a show.

I couldn’t believe it! Most unbelievable was the fact he was local to me and the chance of having a show locally, was a dream.

I won’t go into details about Winter Light but I will mention this: On our second trip to Paris (of course we went back!) I took an invite and a business card I had made to promote the show into Sacha Finkelstein (Melbournians please take note) and handed them to the first girl I saw well prepared not to take up her time. She screamed with so much joy when she looked at the material and took me straight over to the owner before running around the shop, arms up in the air to show other staff members my cards.

There was such a huge fuss (of which most I couldn’t understand but sounded soooooo good) and all I could make out was that the owner couldn’t attend the opening as ‘I em too fwar, I cennot come’. After some sort of communication and her ‘sank you’ and my ‘merci’ I turned to walk out but heard the excitable staff member yelling again. When I looked at her she was motioning us to wait, and running around with a box trying to fill it to the brim with food. Theo and I tried to explain it wasn’t necessary but there was no way she was going to let us go empty handed.

It was truly a divine moment both Theo and I will never forget. The feeling of appreciation and respect was overwhelming. And so was the feeling of wanting to stay after realising I wouldn’t go hungry in Paris!


A set of greeting cards were also produced and are still available. Only few Winter Light works remain for sale and they are currently exhibited at The Convent Daylesford.


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