Catharsis via Collage


Or should I call it exorcism? The word ‘exorcism’ certainly feels more appropriate to the chronic pelvic pain hell I’ve been experiencing since March 2007. Sadly I’ve not been able to rid this pain… yet! But I am making progress and I do partially attribute the relief to my returned ability to create again. Increasingly I am finding great catharsis in [...]

Kitchen Splashback


Client: Theo and Soula Brief:  Create a unique kitchen splashback Outcome: Soula's drawing of Tiepolo’s ‘Banquet of Cleopatra‘ was computer generated, coloured and printed by The Splashback Company onto firerated glass. There are only eight of a limited edition of 10 drawings available for sale by The Splashback Company. Be sure to send in your image if you purchase one! [...]

Master copy Girl With a Pearl Earing


Master copies, good practice. My dear art mentor, the brilliant Jeff Makin, tells me its good art practice to always work on a master copy and set me to my first project. A master copy of Johannes Vermeer’s Girl With a Pearl Earing. For those interested in the great Vermeer here is a great reference site What I learned most? [...]

Mercedes McLaren Grand Prix


Client: Crock Productions for Mercedes McLaren Grand Prix Dinner Brief: Live stage painting of the two F1 race cars during a celebration dinner at The Crown Palladium Ballroom Outcome: Each of these fabric canvases was approximately four mt wide. Soula, Theo and a small team painted from behind the screen so the paint bled through the fabric and the image revealed [...]

The French Experience


Client: The French Experience, a tourist accommodation business for visitors travelling to France Brief: To design an identity that incorporated TFE Director's favorite symbol, the 'li', apply to stationery and also present promotional material for visitors who book with the company. Outcome: After creativng the identity, we drew a series of Paris monuments that were used as secondary graphic elements [...]

Frogs, Committee for Melbourne Annual Dinner


Client: Committee for Melbourne Brief: The Committee for Melbourne Annual Dinners ran seven years during which Janine Kirk was CEO. The brief required invitations, a program, list of attendees, table centres and various other material depending on the Annual theme. Outcome: Creative Melbourne. Live stage painted on the night at The Crown Paladium Ballroom in front of the 1,000 guests.

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