Queenscliff Gallery


Client: Soula & Theo (us!), Queenscliff Gallery & Workshop (QG&W) Brief: New business concept and brand application (including location fitout) Outcome: Gallery and art and print workshop in Queenscliff. Brand application, website, promotional material, website, and social media. Interior design, curating and event planning. Design team: Soula and Theo Mantalvanos

Bridge Road Film Festival 2015


Client: Bridge Road Brief: Concept and application for the Bridge Road Film Festival 2015 Outcome: A dynamic concept utilising Bridge Road’s energetic facades and the iconic Richmond Town Hall which is also the location for the event

Neami National’s Health Prompt


Client: neaminational.org.au Brief: Design of Sustainability and Health Prompt banners, Health Prompt booklet, poster and Dl pamphlet. Outcome: Material for the organisation’s official launch of Health Prompt, an education resource for staff and people needing health support. Photo: Neami National CEO, Arthur Papakotsias and Theo

Make a wish for Greece


Make a Wish For Greece sadly left unattended by the organisers, Santorini Biennale of Arts. Poster 1 Greece... there is a way out. Soula Mantalvanos Whilst I believe Greece is solely responsible for its current economic state, I have much hope there is a solution. I chose the ancient Greek meander symbol and made it a complex labyrinth, one that Greece [...]

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