Barbie-Kjar-Cooking-Paella-2014 by Soula Mantalvanos

Portraits, printmaking and paella with Barbie Kjar

It’s always inspiring to get a glimpse into another artist’s studio and their life. Even more so, is to be invited for dinner and a sleep over when you’re visiting their town. Talk about hospitality!

Both Theo and I came away full hearted and drenched with inspiration after visiting Barbie Kjar, not to mention full bellied and content from a magic seafood paella she cooked.

Happy to report there’s going to be more hospitality and creative exchange when Barbie visits us on the East Coast where we plan to sit for each other. 

It was an idea when we set out for our Tassie escape that Soula ‘documents’ any visitors. We do have a special few passing through and will be posting them as we go.

For now, first off the easel, and super rough to express the energy bundled up from this gorgeous evening at Barbie’s, is a quick oil wash and charcoal portrait on panel, and some magnificent glimpses into Barbie’s home and printmaking studio.

Barbie will be hosting weekly residencies in January 2015. Register your interest to work with this amazing creative by emailing:

Portraits, printmaking and paella with Barbie Kjaradmin

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