Soula & Tina Banitska at Winter Light opening at The Convent Daylesford

Winter Light at The Convent Opening

Isn’t it great when you are sometimes overriden with pure, total, stupid confidence and you go for that HUGE out-of-your-reach thing AND GET IT? Well that’s what happened with both the Convent and Gasworks exhibitions.

I had just finished my website, all my work was online and Winter Light at Brunswick Street Gallery was over so I was up for a new challenge (because having your own design business and another solo nude show coming up wasn’t enough), so I just popped an email to both curators introducing myself and directed them to my website.

I was bowled over when Chantelle Campbell replied to my email saying she was interested and could I take some work for her to see. It wasn’t long after Sarah Rainbird also mailed me a contract for a show at Gasworks. I should have bought a tatts ticket too but perhaps that was enough luck for a couple of months!

So that’s how the second Winter Light exhibition happened and it was brilliant… yes, I’m leaving out all the back injury and postponing details but I will include my HUGE THANKS to both curators who were most supportive of me during this awful time. Darling Chantelle, you are THE BEST. Thanks also to Tina, owner and pillar of The Convent who still supports and sells my work today (yes, go and say ‘hello’).

Winter Light at The Convent Openingadmin